There is a huge unmet medical need to develop new treatment methods that can create disease-specific tolerance in the immune system as a means of treating various autoimmune diseases.

Toleranzia’s drug development is founded on the company’s tolerance technology, which is based on the identification of disease-specific proteins which are developed into unique biological drugs, specific to each individual autoimmune disease. These substances are called tolerogens as they restore tolerance to the body’s own proteins that the immune system incorrectly attacks in autoimmune disease.

Toleranzias tolerogens are very flexible – the disease-specific proteins can be adapted for a variety of autoimmune diseases. Toleranzia’s technology portfolio thus has a broad application potential for the development of new therapies for various autoimmune diseases. The treatment method consists in inducing immunological tolerance by giving patients repeated doses of the disease-specific substance that their own immune system attacks and destroys.

Toleranzia’s tolerogen therapy is disease-specific and affects only the part of the immune system which is linked to the disease while other parts of our immune system, such as the ability to protect against infectious diseases and the ability to prevent cancer development, which is central to our health, remain intact. Toleranzia’s targeted therapy will therefore not lead to the negative side effects that current unspecific therapies cause patients. As a result of Toleranzia’s treatment, the disease-specific components will be tolerated by the immune system and their role in the body will be normalized.