Board of Directors

Ola Rönn

Chairman of the Board

Ola Rönn, born in 1943, has an MD and a PhD from the University of Gothenburg and is a specialist in internal medicine. Rönn is a board member of Toleranzia since 2012. Rönn joined the pharmaceutical industry, after a long career in academic medicine. There Rönn worked at Hoechst-Roussel, Kabi Pharmacia and Pharmacia Upjohn in various senior R&D positions. During 1999 to 2008 Rönn worked for AstraZeneca, including as Global Vice President and head of Gastrointestinal Therapy Area and Global Vice President of Gastrointestinal Scientific Affairs until his retirement in September 2008. Rönn is now working as an independent consultant, primarily within the pharmaceutical industry, and as a board member of life science-related start-up companies.

Maarten Kraan

Board member

Maarten Kraan, born in 1961, is a board member of Toleranzia since 2018. Kraan, MD, PhD, is educated as clinical immunologist and rheumatologist and has conducted many clinical trials with many successful drugs. Kraan began in the pharmaceutical industry in 2003 and has worked in several companies such as Schering-Plow, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Roche-Genentech and AstraZeneca. He has had different positions in research, clinical development and medical affairs. He has published a series of articles on translational medicine and is adjunct professor of rheumatology at the Sahlgrenska Academy of Gothenburg University.

Eva Lindgren

Board member

Eva Lindgren, born in 1950, is a board member of Toleranzia since 2018. Lindgren holds a “pol mag” degree and has 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry through various positions at AstraZeneca, including in project management, drug development (she has led two successful pharmaceutical projects to market and blockbuster levels), international marketing and public private partnership with other pharmaceutical companies and the European Commission. She is also a board member of IRLAB Therapeutics, the Culture Group and Lorensberg Theater.

Anders Milton

Board member

Anders Milton, born in 1947, is a board member of Toleranzia since 2018. Milton, MD, PhD, has extensive experience in board work and a national and international network in healthcare, and industry and among investors. Currently, Milton is Chairman of Vironova, Immune System Regulation, Stiftelsen Europaskolan i Strängnäs, Stiftelsen Motivationslyftet, and a member of several boards such as KIBI, Humanova and WeMind. Milton has previously served as Chairman of the Medical Association, SACO, Swedish Red Cross, People and Defense, and the World Medical Association. Milton has also been investigator of Swedish HIV and AIDS policy, Swedish psychiatry, donation and organ transplantation, and unwanted pregnancies, as well as a member of the Disaster Commission after the 2004 tsunami.

Kristian Sandberg

Board member

Kristian Sandberg, born in 1961, is a board member of Toleranzia since 2017. Sandberg is an associate arofessor in immunology and an experienced leader in the pharmaceutical industry's research and development. Sandberg has been working at AstraZeneca for over 20 years in various functions, primarily with project management. He has experience in the development of both protein and conventional small molecule based drugs from concept to clinical Phase II studies, both in the field of neuroscience therapy and respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Sandberg is also active as a researcher at Karolinska Institutet and has had various assignments within the Foundation for Strategic Research. Since 2015, Sandberg is running the business at SciLifeLab's pharmaceutical platform at Uppsala University, whose mission is to support pharmaceutical research in Sweden.

Anders Waas

Board member

Anders Waas, born in 1957, is a board member of Toleranzia since 2017. Waas has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industry, including global business development, commercialization and product development. As previously Vice President Business Development for CV Therapeutics, USA, he has many years of commercial and business development experience from the US market. Within AstraZeneca, Waas has held a number of senior positions and, among other things, been responsible for commercial product strategy and global product launch in cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal disease. He has also been globally responsible for business development in cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Waas also has experience from medical technology product development and commercialization from his time at WL Gore & Associates. Most recently, Waas was the CEO of TikoMed.

Klementina Österberg

Board alternate

Klementina Österberg, born in 1975, is a board member of Toleranzia since 2012. Österberg is the CEO of GU Ventures AB, Gothenburg University's holding company, which operates an incubator and invests in the commercialization of innovations. Österberg is a graduate in business administration and works actively with financing, business start-ups and corporate management in companies in the GU Ventures AB sphere. Previous assignments include Venture Cup, various Volvo companies, Daimler Chrysler and Geveko Industries.