Charlotte Fribert

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Charlotte Fribert, born in 1967, studied medicine at the Karolinska Institute and at the Pierre and Marie Curie University of Sorbonne in Paris, where she also obtained a PhD in immunology and biotechnology. Before Fribert began working at Toleranzia she worked as Project Director in drug development at AstraZeneca in Mölndal. Prior to this, she founded, developed and led Epixis SA, a vaccine development company based in Paris, which she successfully sold to VBI Vaccines Inc. in the US. Fribert has thus considerable experience both in Toleranzia’s therapy area and in the effective development of small life science companies. CEO since 2016. Holdings: 38 878 shares.

Björn Löwenadler

Chief Business Officer, CBO

Björn Löwenadler, born in 1952, has a PhD in molecular immunology from the Karolinska Institute. Löwenadler has extensive experience in preclinical and early clinical development projects and external collaborations through various positions in biotech and big pharma R&D, which include, among others, Director of Molecular Biology at Pharmacia, Head of Discovery Research Biovitrum, CSO within Arexis AB and Director in Discovery Sciences and External Collaborations at AstraZeneca R&D. Löwenadler works for Toleranzia as a consultant. CBO since 2016. Holdings: 24 355 shares (via related parties).

Vidar Wendel-Hansen

Chief Medical Officer, CMO

Vidar Wendel-Hansen, born in 1959, is a medical doctor with a PhD in medical science from the Karolinska Institute. Wendel-Hansen has extensive experience in both preclinical and clinical drug development with more than 20 years in the industry. He has worked as a medical director in both smaller biotechnology companies and major pharmaceutical companies, including Nordic Medical Director at Gilead Sciences and Medical Director of Novartis Sverige AB. In addition, Wendel-Hansen has also worked as a clinical investigator at the Swedish Medical Products Agency. Wendel-Hansen is linked to the company as a consultant via Link Medical Research AS, a European full-service contract research organization (CRO) providing project management and product development services for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. CMO since 2018. Holdings: 0 shares.

Johanna Hultgren

Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Johanna Hultgren, born in 1987, is a trained accounting consultant with extensive experience as an accounting economist. Hultgren has worked as an accounting economist for listed and unlisted research companies for more than ten years at GU Ventures and has since February 2018 been CFO of the portfolio companies at GU Ventures. CFO since 2019. Holdings: 0 shares.