Harnessing the power of the immune system

With a technology portfolio for treatment of autoimmune orphan diseases

About Toleranzia

Toleranzia develops drugs that use the immune system’s own intrinsic power to treat autoimmune orphan diseases. The drugs, which target the cause of the disease, can cure or greatly alleviate the disease and not, like current treatments, only reduce the symptoms. They have the potential to become the first long-acting or curative treatments that act specifically on the underlying cause of the autoimmune orphan disease they are developed for.

Toleranzia’s main focus is the autoimmune nerve and muscle disease myasthenia gravis (MG), for which the company is developing the drug candidate TOL2. In addition, Toleranzia works with the autoimmune blood vessel disease ANCA vasculitis, for which the company is developing the drug candidate TOL3. Both diseases are so-called orphan diseases (rare diseases) and for both there is a huge unmet medical need and a great market potential.