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    "To improve quality of life for autoimmune patients"

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    Toleranzia is developing the
    Re-TolerogenTM platform technology, with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of autoimmune disease. The Re-TolerogenTM technology involves a targeted disease-specific treatment that re-sets the immune system by inducing immune tolerance thereby preventing or ameliorating disease, thus offering long term benefits for autoimmune patients.


The Re-Tolerogen platform technology is developed for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and re-sets the patient’s malfunctioning immune system to yet again tolerate substances of the own body by a process called re-tolerizing of the immune system. It offers a unique combination of four factors that makes this technology superior to our competitors:

  • Stimulation of tolerance
  • Targeting of the right cells
  • Specific treatments for each disease
  • Nasal administration

The Re-Tolerogen is a fusion protein consisting of three different parts. The first part will make sure that the treatment reaches the right cells of the body, where the second part will induce tolerance towards the third part, a disease specific substance, which the body has developed an autoimmune reaction against. The company’s primary focus is to develop and launch a treatment for Myastenia Gravis, for which Orphan Drug Designation will be sought, which will support the commercialization process globally. The design and function is described in more scientific detail under Scientific Background. Several other Re-Tolerogen treatments have already been evaluated and Proof of Concept has been achieved in animal models of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes type I, Multiple Sclerosis and another, undisclosed, Orphan indication.

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